Photo: Christian Code in Shenzen in November getting accustomed to local traditions


This month we feature Christian Code as our #REBBLofTheMonth for December. Christian is a Research Scientist at AAK A/S,  Head of Talent and a member of the CORE team member at REBBLS.

Check out our flash Q&A session with him below…


1. Give us a glimpse into your everyday…

The basis of my role at AAK is in the development of novel fats and oils for plant based foods and health and nutrition. A typical day for me is searching for research and patents which can be capitalised on within this field through new technologies. Eventually, I transfer this knowledge to the lab and develop some of this technology in-house or externally. Working with vegetable fats and oils for special nutrition and plant based foods is extremely exciting and I believe this is an area where I can make a real impact.


2. What have you got cooking with REBBLS Talent at the moment? 

We have a few things going both internally (REBBLS working in the core) and externally (all the REBBLS out there in the world). Here’s what’s cooking now…

  •  I am working on developing new team-building skillset for internal REBBLS members after learning about new trends in personal development skills at Unleash in Shenzen last month.

  • We are continuing to work on the job board to service our community members across the workforce. One thing we are looking at featuring is a way people can post their CVs for employers scouting new talent and also a way to help people find their next Biotech co-founder.

  • We are partnering with the PhD Cup, which will provide a communication toolset for PhD students who want to pitch their research in an understandable way to a greater audience beyond academia.

3. You have been one of the longest standing members of REBBLS, what was your motivation to join and what keeps you going with REBBLS?

When I moved to Denmark, I needed a job and a network pronto! In this way REBBLS  helped me tremendously in my career and both my professional and personal life. I have found lifelong friends in the REBBLS group members. I continue to have fun and keep motivated by paying it forward. As REBBLS continues to grow both in Denmark and Internationally, I become energized to keep going. I am excited to see how REBBLS continues to transform in the future.


4. What is something about you that we can’t see on your CV?

I am not a big fan of Christmas but I seriously love Christmas movies.