Past events

2015-11-19  Open Innovation – can we boost innovation by being truly open ?

2014 Nov.   REBBLS Venture Cup Challenge Workshop November 6th and 8th

Innovation in MedTech, September 18th. COBIS.

A successful event on the problems and benefits of working with innovation in MedTech, with about 20 participants and speakers from large industry and small startups.

A followup event is currently in the making.

The Nordic Life Science Innovation Challange

This year, REBBLS is part  of The Nordic Life Science innovation Challange held in Stockholm.
Do you want to drive and shape tomorrow life science ventures? Do you want to boost your business knowledge and expand your network beyond Denmark? Then apply now for the Nordic Life Science Innovation Challenge 2014!


How do you create value in tomorrow’s life science R&D ? June 18th, 2014

Based on work from The Boston Consulting Group published in Nature Reviews 2013, topics such as ‘early kill’ and ‘best-in-class vs. first-in-class’ was discussed. 70 participants gathered at Copenhagen Bio Science Park (COBIS) where they first discussed real life cases and later took part of a panel discussion featuring BCG (Ulrik Schulze), Novo Nordisk (Nikolaj Kromann Jørgensen), LEO Pharma (Michael Sierra) and Symphogen (Kirsten Drejer)


The Biology garage afterwork event, Friday the 2nd of May

A networking event in collaboration with Labitat and The Biology garage


A business case event held together with Sunstone Capital, the 8th of April, 2014

This event was based on the biotech company called Innovation-geschäft. The idea was to shed light on task of combining realistic milestones for funding and research.

Below is a sample from the invitation.

The firm was spun out from Copenhagen University in May 2012 with a two million DKK seed investment to be used over the following two years. Having reached April 2014 Innovation-geschäft is now actively looking to secure the next round of investment. Their current investor, Mr. Money has said that they may be willing to be the lead investor in a next round, but that they first want to see a proposed project plan for the future period from May 2014 to May 2017. What critical milestones will the company need to achieve, what will it cost to reach these, and what potential exit value are there at these critical milestones?

Crowd Driven Innovation on May 23, 2013, 5pm-8pm.
On May 23, REBBLS held its first after-work meeting at COBIS. The topic of the meeting was crowd-driven innovation and enterprise social media as tools to grow and harvest ideas from both internal and external innovators. The focus was how Novozymes had worked with the fuzzy front-end of the innovation process.
Snapshots will be uploaded soon!

Pharma – 2020: Changing business models in pharma – April’13
In the third event the participants joined for an exciting afternoon at LEO Pharma. Here the participants were challenged on traditional business thinking in that they had to innovate new business models on a real-world case. Throughout the day experiences representatives from R&D, patents, stakeholder engagement, marketing and distribution questioned the participants solutions thereby pushed their ideas even further. At the end of the day the findings and ideas was presented before the top management in LEO Pharma.

View snapshots from the event here.

Venture Cup Challenge: Idea creation and fast thinking – Nov’12
In the second workshop the participants were challenged to within a day create an idea capable of winning the Venture Cup Idea Competition. After a short introduction to Venture Cup and two small presentations on respectively Business Model Generation and how to writ a executive summary, the participants was set free in groups in order to further form their individual ideas. In the end of the day the individual ideas was pitch. Following the event, one of the ideas created made it to the final in the Venture Cup Idea Competition.

View snapshots from the event here.

Negotiation Workshop: A western dual – Sep’12
REBBLS launched their series of events with a negotiation workshop, where the participant were given an introduction into the confusing world of negotiation in order to prepare them for their future entrepreneurial endeavors. To teach them the basics of negotiation Christina Bruun Gertsen from Kromann Reumert gave the participants tips on how to give a good presentation. Following this the participants newly acquired skills was brought to the test in a negotiation workshop arranged by Bobby Soni and Casper Tind Hansen from Novo A/S.
View snapshots from the event here.