REBBLS (Rising Entrepreneurs in BioBusiness and Life Science) is a network connecting the most dedicated, talented, and ambitious bioentrepreneurs in Denmark in order to create a forum for gaining further experience, tools, and business relations within startup in biotech and life science.

Our vision is to increase the success rate for future life science entrepreneurs in Denmark by actively connecting talents within life science entrepreneurship and supply them with  tools enabling them to succeed in the industry.

REBBLS was founded in March 2012 by eight top performing students and recent graduates with a diverse set of qualifications within life science and business from the Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, and Copenhagen Business School. The founding group consisted of Julie Serritslev, Maria Carlsen, Tore Dehli, Andreas Hougaard Laustsen, Anders Bech Bruntse, Aviaja Hauptmann, Henrik Geertz-Hansen and Jacob Opstrup. REBBLS was founded for two purposes: 1) to fill the network gap between student networks focusing on introducing students to entrepreneurship and C-level networks for established entrepreneurs, and 2) to catalyze bioentrepreneurship in Denmark. Moreover, the core belief of REBBLS was that entrepreneurship within biotech and life science is distinctly different from other types of entrepreneurship, and that bioentrepreneurship requires a network of its own.

Profile diversity mixed with a passion for bringing biotechnologies to the market are the core components that make REBBLS. We have a defined focus on selecting talents with different university background that will become tomorrow’s bioentrepreneurs. Members can join REBBLS when they are a few months from submitting their master thesis, and members are selected on basis of their application and recommendations.

We believe the best networks are created by the relationships that are built by working together. This mentality is reflected in everything we do in REBBLS. We therefore limit the number of members in boards and committees to ensure that members are actively working together – we focus on having no more that 10 dedicated members in the active core, that is the board and committees. By this setup we keep REBBLS focused, dedicated and attractive!


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