Key achievements

  • 3-5 PhD projects have been or will be created in the wake of REBBLS Venture Cup Challenge. One commenced in early 2013 and 2-4 others will commence before 2014.
  • 1 potential startup: VenomAb develops optimized antivenoms against snakebites for African snakes
  • 4 Venture Cup Idea Competition Submissions. One was among the four finalists in the Venture Cup Idea Competition¬†in January 2013
  • 2 core group members have founded startups (Biosyntia ApS and EIR Sciences)¬†since the formation of REBBLS
  • Strong partnership with COBIS – Copenhagen Bioscience Park: COBIS provides REBBLS with office facilities, expert advice, and mentorship
  • Partnership with COBIS in the founding of CELLS
  • Sufficient funding has been secured to arrange 6 major events for all REBBLS members