Open Innovation – can we boost innovation by being truly open ?

Open Innovation Event the 19th of Nov 2015 @ COBIS.

Thank you for a great event.





Sharing reflections and challenges.


Around 100 people showed up for the event and the great line up of speakers.


Speakers & Presentations:

Here is the list of speakers and links to download their presentations.

  • Rajiv V. Basaiawmoit
    Head of Sci-tech Innovation & Entrepreneurship, former Head of Open Innovation, Aarhus University
  • Niclas Nilsson
    Head of Open Innovation, LEO Pharma. [Download presentation]
  • Pieter Van Boheemen
    Program manager Waag Society. Managing Director Amplino
  • Martin Malthe Borch
    Management consultant at Implement & co-founder
    [Download Presentation]
  • Jakob Wested
    PhD – Student University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law  [Download Presentation]


Speakers bio & Videos


Rajiv V. Basaiawmoit, Head of Open Innovation, Aarhus University
Open innovation from the perspective of academia

Rajiv oversee Open Innovation activities within the context of university-industry interactions, advise and mentor start-ups and educate within Entrepreneurship & Innovation processes (especially within sci-tech & engineering).  He is speaking  at many international events and conferences relating to interdisciplinary themes covering topics such as open-innovation, gamification, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial business models, inter-disciplinary collaboration, crowd-sourcing and social entrepreneurship.

He has presented at:

  • TEDx VennelystBlvd., May 2015, Aarhus
  • World Open-Innovation Forum 2014, Amsterdam
  • Crowd Sourcing Week Copenhagen 2014, Copenhagen
  • Gamification in HR 2014, Paris
  • Gamified.IN, 2013, Bangalore
  • Aarhus Sustainability festival, 2013, Aarhus
  • ISSME World Conference 2013, New Delhi


Niclas Nilsson, Head of Open Innovation, LEO Pharma
Opening up innovation in a pharmaceutical company

Niclas is a general creator of crazy ideas. At LEO pharma Niclas focus on strategic definition and practical implementation of Open Innovation initiatives that will fill the R&D Pipeline by external collaborations. Concrete adaptation of disease relevant Phenotypic assays for Open Access and external collaborations. Work with insight/need-based crowdsourcing to bring in external innovation you didn’t even know existed.

His aim is to bring interdisciplinary innovation together in order to enable disruptive creativity, resulting in new business value.

He has presented at:

  • World Open Innovation Forum, October 2015, Amsterdam
  • Open Innovation for the Life Science Sector, September 2015, Paris
  • Academic Drug Discovery, May 2015, Cambridge
  • Drug Discovery Innovations, March 2015, Berlin
  • Annual Drug Discovery Leader Summit, May 2014, Geneva
  • Drug Discovery Innovations, March 2014, Berlin



Pieter Van Boheemen, Program manager Waag Society. Managing Director Amplino
On art, biohacking, entrepeneurship and Biostrike: crowdsourced antibiotic discovery.

At Waag Society’s Open Wetlab, Pieter van Boheemen leads the FabLab, Open Wetlab and Open Design Lab. He develops projects, conducts research and workshops intertwining biotechnology, open innovation and arts. As founder of the Dutch DIY Bio community in 2012, he started a group of grassroots biotechnologists passioned about demystifying and democratizing science. He is founder of the international BioHack Academy and instructs, supervises and supports the users of the Waag’s biotech lab. He’s also co-founded the company Amplino, that develops a mobile diagnostics tools. His main interest is investigating ecological, social and cultural innovation through the intertwining of open source hardware / software / wetware.

Martin Malthe Borch Management consultant Implement & Co-founder
Open innovation Process, from biohackerspaces to management consulting.

Martins  main strength is a comprehensive intuition to develop new concepts and ideas from complex situations of converging technologies and cultures, through a collaborative user-centred approach.  He is passionate about how care for quality, honesty and a thoroughly thought out design, in combination with user involvement and open R&D, can lead to local products and solutions that take care of our everyday challenges and problems.

He has organized several hands-on workshops, talks and exhibitions at businesses, media festivals, art fairs and at scientific conferences. his work appears in newspapers, magazines, peer-reviewed articles and in documentaries about open science, diybio, biohacking, maker culture, citizen science and open R&D, where his ideas, concepts and thoughts often are described as “game changing” “disruptive” or as “a new paradigm”

Jakob Wested. PhD – Student University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law
Open innovation & open business models, IPR strategies in open innovation

Jacob is writing his PhD thesis on PR and Open Innovation in Synthetic Biology Synthetic biology applies methods and principles known from software development and engineering to the area of biology to create biologically based (or inspired) systems. Synthetic biology is inspired by the open source movement, but building blocks of synthetic biology come from biotech and molecular biology – an area that are often proclaimed to be an example of a “tragedy of the anti-commons”, where excessive IPR blocks innovation; e.g. through excessive transaction costs and risk of IPR-infringement. He investigate which legal/IPR strategies that are or may be applied to bridge the seemingly inherent structural, economic and normative discrepancies arising in the meeting of open and closed paradigms of innovation in synthetic biology.