REBBLS Beers with peers

Dear network,

It is a great pleasure that REBBLS and CELLS are kicking off our new Friday beers with peers for 2016. Our vision is to be the place to meet other biotech and life science young professionals, who has an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship in industry or academia. We like to say, if you work under uncertainty, come and share and get inspired at the Friday beers with peers at COBIS!

We are happy to announce that the first speaker Friday the 12th of February will be Investment Director, Novo Seeds, Emmanuelle Coutanceau.

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A big thanks to Copenhagen life science advisors for sponsoring this event!
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We look forward seeing you!

On behalf of CELLS and REBBLS,

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How to build a biotech/medtech Company in Denmark

Written by Chris Code
“The way we’re really going to grow the economy is to invest in people, to invest in innovation, to have the federal government put money in the kind of research that will create the new high-technology, biotechnology industries that will create the millions of new jobs.”
Author: Joe Lieberman
This is how REBBLS feels about biotech and medtech. Recently, we ran the Venture Cup Workshop where three teams: DEMKIP, SoundSense and Excigen Therapeutics that participated qualified in the Venture Cup Idea Competition Finals.  And last Friday SoundSense (awesome!) won their category in Product & Technology for their biofilter that will help people get the full acoustic experience of their favorite music without damaging their hearing over time.

So REBBLS was thinking about how to build biotech or medtech companies from this stage.

Here are some questions to ponder:
So where can these teams and other teams go from here?
Or if you have a cool idea in biotech what can you do with it?
What are the steps and how can you use REBBLS Network to achieve those steps?
My team from a pharmaceutical Company just got laid off.  We have an awesome idea what should we do?

One major factor in starting is figuring out where to start and what you might be missing.  You might already have a product but don’t have money, you might have team but don’t have an idea, or you might not know any mentors that can get you to the next step.

See diagram for some simple steps on how to turn your biotech/medtech idea into a potentially billion dollar company.